Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School

The kids are back in school!
Yes...I'm pretty sure everyone knew that, and you're wondering why I'm just saying this now when we're already a week into the school year.
I've been sick for the past couple weeks. Yes...a couple of weeks.
I finally got sick of being sick and went to the doctor on Tuesday. Turns out I have Bronchitis AND a sinus infection. I had never had bronchitis before and initially thought it was just a chest cold and I would get over it. Days come and days go and I was still sick. Anyway...I went to the doctor and he gave me meds and I am on the mend finally. I hope...
Back on little man started 1st grade this year.
He was excited to go back, which is a good thing.
We got his haircut the day before school. He likes to have days where he can spike it or sometimes we do the faux-hawk thing. Unfortunately, even though we just had it cut, it was too long to do either of those options without using superglue.
So I did this to his hair instead:
Yeah. I totally did the comb-over. And after I did it, he looked in the mirror, heaves a big sigh and says (all exasperated) "Mom....I look like Grandpa!"
I guess I can see why he thinks that :)
Anyway...on top of looking super cute with his "grandpa-ish" hair, he also felt the need to strike a pose when I asked him to show off his outfit that he picked out:
He is such a silly ham.
I think the best thing about the first day was that it was a Wednesday, which is my day off of work so we get to walk to the bus stop instead of driving. I tried to sneak behind him and get a pic of him walking down all snazzy, but he had to sneek a look back and see why I was lagging actually ended up as a cuter pic than what I had originally planned anyway.
As we waited for the bus, we tried to get a picture of both boys together. Wasn't going to happen, as little one was a bit cranky about being held in place by his brother...*sigh*
So I got my cute picture of T:
And I tried to get a cute picture of B, but I think that he was contemplating too much on the fact that his big brother wasn't going to be with him every minute of the day now, and he was looking very serious about it:
Such a silly boy. He did eventually wave and yell "bye!" as T got on the bus, and was off to another year of fun and learning:

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